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Tours and Education

Printing changed the world. Find out why through our exciting and world class tours offering a dynamic hands-on education. Great for groups or any curious individuals.

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Gutenberg Tour

Gutenberg’s printing processes, including demonstration of casting type and printing a page from the Gutenberg bible.

Running time: 1hr

Ages: 3 and up

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The Complete Crandall Tour

This tour is the most comprehensive. It covers Gutenberg, Ben Franklin, the Book of Mormon and the Linotype.

Running time: 1hr 45m. 

Ages: 8 and up

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Ben Franklin Tour

Demonstration of printing of the Declaration of Independence, covers Franklin’s life, career in printing, Poor Richard’s Almanac and involvement with the Revolutionary war and foundation of the United States.

Running time: 1hr

Ages: 3 and up

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Book of Mormon Tour

Demonstration of printing and binding the second signature of the Book of Mormon on a Peter Smith Press, history of Joseph Smith and the Printer’s Manuscript, the Linotype and Deseret News.

Running time: 1hr

Ages: 3 and up

Monday - Family Night Discount

This tour happens every Monday night at 7:00 PM. It has 25 available slots, first come first serve. This tour will cover the printing of the Book of Mormon and its binding. It will include a demonstration on how a signature was printed and folded. Please join us to learn about this pinnacle event in church history.

Running time: 1hr  

All ages are welcome


Are you a school?

Call us for a special discount


Groups of 15 people or more

$75 total

Monday Night Tours

$4 per Person

General Admission (price per person)

Free ......... Age 3 and under

$3 ............. Ages 4-14

$8 ............. Adults

$5 ............. Students and Seniors

Missionaries Free

Payment upon arrival

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