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The presses that changed the world,
now in your neighborhood.

These Presses Changed The History of Printing the Scriptures Forever.

printing on the Gutenburg.jpg

Gutenberg's Printing Press - First Printing of the Bible


Press BOM.jpg

Acorn Press - First Book of Mormon


These four presses made history

Early printing of the scriptures and more!

From the start about 1450, Johannes Gutenberg changed history by inventing movable type that he locked up in his own designed printing press and invented "printer's ink" that he printed the first pages of the bible. This changed everything as to bring the World out of the "dark ages" as people would learn to read much faster and especially read the printed Word more easily.
Then the English Common Press that Benjamin Franklin used to help print the U.S. Constitution, which brought religion to a free country, allowing for free speech and able to practice any religion more freely.
Then in a small town in upper state New York, printer E.B. Grandin used his new "Acorn Press" to print the first copy of The Book of Mormon in 1830 allowing Joseph Smith to organize The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Later, as the pioneers seetled the Salt Lake Valley, the first Deseret News was printed on a smaller mobile press called The Ramage Press that printed one of the West's first newspapers called the Deseret News.
Come see why over 400 years of printing made history. You can see and even touch the moveable type that these working presses used to print important books and documents. This is a one-of-a-kind tour at the Crandall Printing Museum in Alpine, Utah and will change the way you look and read from historical books and documents!

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