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Educational Opportunities

What We Offer

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Tours That Excite

Work Your Brain

Explore all the amazing elements the world of Printing and how the Printing Press changed history forever. We take education very seriously, which is why we are always making memories while we show how printing changed the World. From Johannas Gutenburg and the printing of the Bible to Ben Franklin and the printing of the Constitution of America to the printing of the Book of Mormon in in the Grandin Print Shop in New York.
The Crandall Printing Museum shows it all and the most authentic printing museum in the World!

Private Tours or Large Groups

Learn Something New!

Delight and excite the entire family. Or bring a Church Group, Class, Business Getaway, or come on your own. Every tour will change the way you look at any printed book!

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We offer an impressive variety of events and exhibitions, visit us today and come see what we are all about.

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